Standard Optimiser

Adaptable cutting patterns with extended part information

The Standard optimiser has all the features of the Lite Optimiser, and is designed for cutting batches of jobs on a single axis beam saw, where both material usage and cutting time need to be kept to a minimum.

Handling up to 99 fields of information per part, it also includes a pattern editor and interface to a wide range of CNC beam saws.

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Features and Benefits

  • Batch optimisation - up to 250 part lists (jobs) per batch, with job costing summary showing full breakdown of production costs.
  • Offcut summary showing list of re-usable pieces based on user-defined settings for minimum and maximum size.
  • Extensive optimising and saw parameters allow precise control of cutting patterns and these may be overridden by material specific settings.
  • Customisable forms and labels for parts and offcuts
  • Pattern Editor / Library - allows cutting patterns to be manually adjusted and re-sequenced prior to download to the saw.
  • Saw Interface for a wide range of saw types and formats including export of extensive part information for label printing at the saw.
  • Export of pattern exchange PTX files in ASCII or Access MDB database format for transfer to third-party applications and post-processors.
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Ease of integration

We switched to Magi-Cut almost two years ago to coincide with a new beam saw. We are extremely pleased with Magi-Cut and especially the ease of integration and technical help in the original setup. We have no hesitation in recommending the software which has run without a hitch since the original installation

Tim Martin- Waterford Kitchens
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Image of our software